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No more writing checks or digging for cash when the offering bucket comes by.  Now you can give anytime you feel like it.  It's safe and secure every time!


At Vineyard we give because God says to give, and He says to give because He wants to change lives.  God has chosen the Church to bring life-change to the world. So when you give at Vineyard, you can know that you're honoring God, and that He's changing lives through you.  And you have activated God's promise through your giving to bring supernatural blessing upon your finances.


You can give your tithes, offerings through the link above as well as pay for Vineyard T Shirts, Misc. church events, etc.  Thank you for your support.  You can donate now.

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Dothan Vineyard Church

P.O. Box 365
Dothan, AL 36302-0365
Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.
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