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Think Global, Act Local

Missions at Dothan Vineyard is both around the corner and across the sea.  We are big believers in Acts 1:8 where we are commanded to be a witness both locally and globally.


Locally we have Living Hope Community Center.  We help people through our center in downtown Dothan 5 days a week with food, clothing, lunches, tutoring, prayer ministry, spiritual direction to name a few.  We network with all like minded agencies in our city.  Living  Hope is making an impact in the Wiregrass Area.


Our pastor leads an offical Vineyard Partnership to Tanzania, Africa.  There are 2 churches committed to this partnership (and we are looing for more).  We have taken team from our church to Tanzania.


We have a sister church in India - the Dehra Dunn Vineyard.  Our pastor and his wife as well as other members of our congregation have joined them on teaching mission trips to Dehra Dunn.

We have also taken teams on mission trips to Mexico, India and Tanzania.





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