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Developing a Culture of Blessing - How to Speak Kingdom blessings over those you love.


On Sunday August 2nd, 2015 I shared a message that leads families into the blessings of God over generations by learning how to develop a Culture of Blessing, recognizing the 5 key stages life when these blessings need to be spoken and believing for "Abraham's Blessings" to flow down the generations to come.


Below is a sample of what to speak in each stage, addressing the key questions that God's Blessings answer and bring security to the heart of your loved one.  Establish your own family traditions, remembering that you, the parents/adults, are the conduit of blessing that God has chosen to use as His channel. We can either accept the challenge or ignore it. Ignoring it means that those we love are vulnerable to Satan's message of darkness, destruction and Satan's generational curses.  Choose life - speak life - establish God's promises in those you love!


Click on the arrow for the sample blessings.



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