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Meet Our Church Staff

We have a great team with a heart to serve and come alongside of you and your family as we all seek to be effective followers of Jesus Christ.

Lyle and Beverly Peluso​, Senior Pastors,
Women's Ministry (Beverly)


Originally From: Pittsburgh, PA


Favorite Recreational Activity: The Beach & SEC Football


Favorite Food: Indian Curry & Italian


Favorite Verse: Eph 2:10


Founded Dothan Vineyard Church in October 1995


Our driving passion is to help people become all they are created to be through a living relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ and to provide the best ministries possible in our church for that to happen.


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Michelle Michel

Coordinator of Living Hope Outreach Center

Pictured on the left.


Originally From: New Orleans


Favorite Recreational Activity: Watching Movies and Going Out to Eat


Favorite Food:  Creole & Cajun


Favorite Verse: Romans 12:12,13


Joined Dothan Vineyard Staff in April 2011


God led me to Dothan and the Vineyard Church from New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina to fulfill my purpose.  That purpose is to extend and promote the love of God to the poor and needy through community service.  I have always been a social and hospitable person with a heart and passion for servant evangelism. The house of Living Hope ministry offers anyone like me the outlet and opportunity on a daily basis to be outward focused in serving all of God's people in a practical way. 







Richard and Nicole Landerman, Admin to Pastor,
Worship Team Leader (Nicole)


Originally From: Glendora, California


Favorite Recreational Activity: Music & Gaming


Favorite Food: Indian Curry & Cheese 


Favorite Verse:  Eph 6:10-17


Joined Dothan Vineyard Staff in May 2013


The Landermans strive to be faithful and Biblical armor bearers to their pastoral staff and church congregation. By showing an attitude of humility and servility they hope to help equip the saints so that we may all fulfill our part in the Great Commission set down for us by our Lord Jesus Christ.





Layla Bell.JPG

Layla Bell

Leader over Children's Ministry, Nursery

From: Ozark, Alabama


Layla and her husband Brent Bell, have been members of Dothan Vineyard Church for many years.  They have demonstrated an amazing love for God, Layla is the most gentle, calm and even keeled Believer.  She allows God's love flow from her to others.  And she encourages others to get involved in God's work.

Brent does many things in the church, but one of the most popular things he does is the Wednesday adult Bible Study.  Brent's ability to bring others into the discussion in the gentle manner that he does makes it a group people want to be a part of.


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