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2013 Hope Tree Angels

Every year Michelle, our Living Hope coordinator hand picks children for Christmas gifts from families in our community in need.  Hit on the link below to see all the remaining Hope Tree Angels.  Return to Living Hope no later than December 19th as we give out the gifts on December 20th at our special Christmas Celebration at Living Hope for the children.


Here are the Hope Angels we have left:  Numbers 3,5,6,7,31,34,40,35,37,39,19,41


Email us at and let us know which number you have taken so we can remove it from the list.


Gift wrap your gift and print the ornament with the child's name on it or write the child's name and number on the gift.


Wish List: you only have to buy one gift from their wish list - you can obviously buy more if you want, but we are only asking for one gift. Thank you!



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