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Dothan Vineyard Church, Pastor Lyle Peluso

March 14th, 2020

This is the new normal, we better get used to it. Just like 9/11 changed everything, you can expect a similar kind of change to come after COVID-19.

Do I hope I am wrong? Yes. But in our lifetime we have never seen government step in around the world like they have this time.

So, just like flying after 9/11, we have to now have ID’s, get to the airport three hours early, we can’t carry liquids larger than 100 milliliters, take our shoes off, go through Xray protocol, etc. You get the idea.

How does the church operate and exist in this climate? Not 100% sure. I think the best approach is to learn as we go. To do that, we have to keep on mission the best we can with a new reality. We must obey God the best we can and be adaptable. Teachable. Ready to change on a few days notice.

We will work together to continue to fulfill Christ’s commission to be the light of the world. 


We will no longer meet on Sunday mornings as a church but we will live stream Sunday morning our our church facebook page.   We will follow the Alabama state government guidelines for all gatherings including AWANA on Wednesday nights.  We plan on resuming our regular services and Wednesday nights as soon as we get the go ahead.

Please check our homepage for updated announcements. 


And remember, we will stream the Sunday morning service on our church facebook page at as well as upload the audio of our Sunday messages on this website.

I am sure of one thing: "A scared (frightened) world needs a fearless church." A.W. Tozer

We will use wisdom. We will follow sensible guidelines to stay healthy, we will make adjustments and changes as we move forward, but we will also be a presence of hope in our community.

Challenges lie ahead but so do opportunities. And that’s what the church is here for. To be a light in a dark place

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